this is me

this is me
this is me

Friday, 22 January 2010

sex v poker

if i had a pound, for every time i heard someone say, "ITS BETTER THAN SEX".. then i'd proboly have £10.50, but you know what i mean. top sportsmen,heroin addicts,adrenalin junkies you name it. so, when it comes to poker, remember that feeling, you have raised it up, with???? 77, you get three callers, the the flop comes 9 of hearts....7 of clubs.... 6 of hearts...omg happy days, we have pre cum. any hows, you check and get a raise, so you flat, so do the others, the turn comes the mofo case 7 of hearts. you are now in full botox mode,inside, you are grinning from ear2ear,so you chuck a disguised raise in.and to your amazment, they all call. the river,that old man river,brings the card of your dreams the mother fucking 6 of diomands............imediate orgasm and it does not get any better than this.

the board now holds,flushes,straights,full houses,quads, you name it, all you know is, you may need a cigerette, soon after this hand plays out, but it aint over yet, you flat call, and the player to your left goes all in, followed by, the words you wanna here, all in ....multiple orgasm, multiple orgasm, the dealer wipes her knees, shit me. come on big stack,please please....push please, it aint gonna happen?then,those magic words, roll off his lips..... he says it i ???????????? call, what? what? what did he say, i sais i call, omg, i had no idea i had a G spot, who stuck that finger up my ass?

i dunno, is the ultimate acheivement beter than sex?

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