this is me

this is me
this is me

Friday, 15 January 2010

retro post

we have all played the tie your hand down and chop your little finger off game?well anyway this is my biggest gamble about 10 years ago my brother was based at the wheaton barracks and he invited me and the wife over for new years eve.

in those days i was a sh1t hot pool player and lined up a few drunken squaddies for the around 3am some guy remembered my boasted and dragged in a rain soaked pool table from the outside.the games went to plan --i won 2 lost 1 and increased the stakes.the shots were flowing and the atmosphere was good until they ran out of cash.winker,a slightly overweight corporal suggested a wager.£350 which they would club together the following day against sex with the of 3 on a wet table/no chalk.what the fuck lets do it i gotta say the wife went a little pallid,my brother came over and asked if i knew the consequences.GAME ON.when i lost the 1st frame, i gotta say it was squeaky bum time,however it was an happy ending.and just to show i was not all bad i let them keep £200 and collected £150+the £270 i had already won, it turned out to be an eventful new year. some of you wont believe this,the ones who know the wife may ask her about this,she will confirm it ?whats your biggest wager?

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