this is me

this is me
this is me

Thursday, 21 January 2010

pure evil

just seen an advert on facebook, £6.99 for high speed broadband,hmmmm. i clicked the link,and just as i susspected,it was a lie. the actulal cost was £18, £11 was for line rental. they make me sick. advertisers have a million ways to get your money out of your account. the two greatest evil's in the world, advertising and religion(i'll do the latter another day)

my daughter came home the other day,excited that she had secured two new dresses, how much i enquired? £68 dad, it was buy 1 get 1 i sat her down for one of my talks.darlin,you have bought two dresses for £68, that means they cost £34 each, no dad, it was buy 1 get 1 free, i said can't you understand, i have told you before, nothing is free in this world. even i am susseptable to their evils, i'm a mars bar man, yet the other day i went to buy a newspaper, and came out with a snickers? why? why? why? tracing my steps back, i noticed a billboard ad 50 yards down the road with a snickers poster across it. i wanted to buy choclate yes, but not a snickers, even though i don't mind snickers.

that is the power of advertising,and the most evil thing they do, is pump subliminal messages into our childrens heads. i was watching childrens tv with my grandaughter, and every 10 minutes, they put a 3 minute comercial on the screen, thats why you see kids screaming the shops down, because they want X,Y or Z, and the parents yield. the kids know they want thia particular cerial,toy or cd, because the advertisers have told them they do, and they will badger their parents until they god damn get it.along with the soap opera's, advertisers control the way we live our lives.

makes me laught, the BBC say they do not advertise, and they are funded by the licience payer, you fucking liars, they are the worst, remember the embassy snooker world champs? or more recently, the masters. the beeb are the lowest of the low, hypocrits of the highest order

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