this is me

this is me
this is me

Thursday, 14 January 2010

the older we get

the older you get, the wiser?
my future son in law was forever complaining that he had been let down for £2000 by one team, or that his treble on the horses would have paid £900 but for that photo finish. on closer examination of his betting slips, i noticed his 7/8/9/ folds on the footy and trebles and accumulators on the gg's were all to familiar. i told him he was a mug punter, or a bookies dream

i told him as a boy, yankees were my tipple, along with footy acc's and bandits, but these days i would like to think, i'm somewhere between seasoned and professional. i do not gamble often, but when i do, i want the edge. instead of going in blind and hoping to win the big one, slowly slowly catchy monkey.

i had a look at his betting patterns, he wagered a mean average of £25 per week, and last year he had a £5 acc up on the footy and made £211 profit that one win is all he remembers. to my mind he is still over 1k down on the year i explained it like this. stop trying to beat the bookie, and start backing singles and doubles. for one month he did, and from his £100 stake he made a £71 profit. this did not really excite the boy, however, i explained, thats a swing of £271, the £100 you normally would have lost, £100 returned stake, £71 profit x that by 12 and it over £3k in your pocket, and not in the bookmakers. i have told him that the lotto is a long shot, scratch cards, bandits(he loves um) and 10 team acc's are for mugs. that was last February, has he listened, has he fec, but nor did i
the older we get?

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