this is me

this is me
this is me

Saturday, 9 January 2010

never pre judge

have you ever walked down the street, and seen a couple holding hands, and thought to yourself, what the hell is she doing with him, or visa versa. anything is possible in this life. its a kind of coveting, but as far as i know, its a natural human reaction.the more we see them, the more we want them? film stars, soap stars or in general, anyone who is projected into our living rooms, become more and more attractive, and some of them are real mingers.

i remember working in a factory many a year ago, on my first day, i had a shmuse around, checking out the talent(like you do) to find, of the five women that worked there, none of them came up to my standards. two were real dogs, and the other three were mingers. over the next two years, i found myself attracted to even the tea lady, its a funny old game.

so your initial reaction, does not always count, never judge a book by the cover

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