this is me

this is me
this is me

Monday, 11 January 2010

free pint

a brave passer by, saw a woman being mugged, and gave chase. he paid with his life, as the cowardly muggers stabbed him to death. a police spokesman said, have a go hero's take their life in their own hands, and advise to walk on by, report the incident right away.

what kind of world do we live in? in my experience, the police are the one's who avoid conflict, jo public, thats me, will not now, or ever walk away, from a damsel in distress. the police are to busy collecting tax for HMG, they really should prioritise.

many a year ago, i witnessed an assault in my local snooker hall, i was 17 at the time, this low life thug, aged around 21, was knocking seven bells out of his girlfriend. to my amazement no one wanted to get involved. i could not stand by, as i pushed out my chest, slammed down my cue, and made a b-line to the aggrieved damsel, i was advised by an older pool player to leave it, and it was none of our business. screw that, she was taking a beating, and it was up to me, if none of the others would help. i got my body between the couple, the guy took a pop, so i gave him a bit of the rutter shuffle, two punches, and his nose was in bits. his mates then surrounded me, but at the same time, the owners of the club came over, i turned to the damsel and said, don't worry, he ain't gonna hurt you now. the look on her face was priceless(2p) as she swiped me in the face with her handbag, and screamed "what the fuck has it got to do with you" ?????????? leave my man alone you bully, and went for me again??????????

the couple were escorted from the premises, bonus, i got a free drink off Ronnie(club owner) but was left confused.

as i left the club at 11.30pm, 8 of the gang waited for me outside, led by the physco bitch, they gave me a good seeing over(lol) in my defence, i clipped a couple of them, but they were much bigger, and stood little may think, the moral of the story is to mind your own business, well sorry, must be a bit stupid, because it has never stopped me getting involved when i see wrong being done, and it never will

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