this is me

this is me
this is me

Wednesday, 13 January 2010

exteamist nightmare

with a general election looming, my thoughts turned to politics, thing is, it was whilst i was fast asleep, guess it could be called a dream/nightmare.i dreamt that an extremist party, was voted into power, and was imagining the consciences. i am off course talking about the far left.

if the far left ever came to power, here's a snippet of what i envisage. for starters, they would withdraw all our armed forces, from every country that we have a base, and we have bases in at least 40 countries, then once they are home, they would be found civilian jobs(lol) next, i guess cars will no longer be allowed on the road, to many emissions. of course you will be expected to donate 90% of your earnings to Greenpeace, friends of the earth or any of the 20m other charities they recommend. the motto of this land will now be, turn the other cheek. the boarders will be opened, and the population will raise 10 fold.

it could happen, these tree hugging, left wing, mamby pamby loonies, must never come to power, the thought sends shivers down my spine

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  1. that dream is not far off i feel


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