this is me

this is me
this is me

Monday, 22 October 2012

polish scum

pulled a new bird(pof girl) and had her stay the weekend. sex/drugs/rock and roll.i live in a semi rough area, and plan to move asap after sundays trip to the shops. the new girl had intimated several times, we should go for a walk,have a trip in town, go to the off licience etc. she wanted to show me off. i copitulated sunday lunch, and we went for a 5 min walk for some sugar and milk. i was aware of the polish lad, he wanted to make his presence felt by all. 5'10 12/13 stone, and around age 30.he was the type who expected respect. coming out of the shop, me and the girl were in front, but walking the direction until him and his mate overtook and went on.they were easily 30yards in front, and out of site, until we turned the corner, and said polish scum was pissing against a wall. bare in mind, its a sunny day,lunch time, near a kids play ground. he was attempting to provoke me, and damn right, i just wanted to pumill the dog shit, however, i had plenty of reasons not to. the point i am making, these third world scum,low life parasites should not be amongst us. before you jump on my back, calling me a nazi, try living in blackburn, its worst than you can imagine, teliban tourist and brain dead polish. i did not sign up for this life, no one asked me.

Sunday, 21 October 2012


football tips coming soon

Monday, 15 October 2012

corporal punishment

outlawed in 1987(uk)its seem the rise of violence and abuse towards teachers. kids rule the roost these days, and that can't be right. i recall my school days, and i am sure it changed my manors towards the teachers, i did not want the cane. it all broke down in 87, what i think should have been done is, independant administration of the punishment, it became too personel with some kids and their teachers.if you had some guy going around all the schools alone, he would not get to know the kids, therefor could not get to hate them like the teachers did.thats where it broke down


25 years after the disasterous hurricane forecast, the met office insists they can do a 4 day accurate forecast..........liars

i had issues

stumbled across a jem of a film, good will hunting!reminded me of an incident back at witton park, my old school(age 12) i was summoned to his office,and not for the first time.3.30pm on the dot, i'd actually asked to leave class early, just so i could keep my appointment. knock knock, come in neil...... he was sat at his desk,lifted his specs and said, right, you know why you're here?yes sir, and how many was it? i've forgot, is it 3, or is it 5? he was talking about the cane. not sure what i'd done this time, but hey, it was how i rolled, one thing i am sure of, i was in the right. its 3 mr walsh, but i'll take the 5. what? what? WHAT did you say rutter? i said i'll take 5, is that ok? he just looked bemused, but not confused, he saw the look in my eye. anyway, i took the 5, never made a sound, no tears, and at 3.35pm, it was all over,sure it hurt, he delivered them with extra vigor that day, but why would i let him see my pain? at least leaving school late meant i avoided the bullies lol.

Friday, 5 October 2012

just noticed, i have people watching this blog from all over the world. san francisco washington russia and a few more. the thought police


........... 1. Your evening activity is sitting at the computer 2. You learn about your redundancy on the news 3. You'd rather search all around the house for the remote instead of pushing the button on the t.v 4. You cant go anywhere without your mobile, leaving it behind causes you to panic 6. You get up in the morning and go online before breakfast 7. Every t.v advert has a website 8. You read this agree and smile 9. You didnt notice there was no number 5 10.You actually looked up to check if there was a number 5 11.Now your laughing at your stupidity

Thursday, 4 October 2012

i am back
i am back