this is me

this is me
this is me

Tuesday, 28 December 2010


leeds/spurs double
southampton/bristol city
4x treble,1x acc

Sunday, 26 December 2010


man u/leicester/double
hartlepool @ 9/2 are worth a gamble

Monday, 20 December 2010

the marathon

back in the day, i used to do quite a lot of running. my foreman(george) got me into it. at the time, i was playing football 5 times a week, but had spare energy.i eventually got the running shoes on, and off i went, about half a mile down the canal, and then back. it was a different kind of exercise, and was proper fucked. the day after, i managed the same run, without stopping, but still quite knackered.

i was soon entering 10k road races, and under pressure from george, half marathons i did manage a couple of sub 40min 10k's, and not a bad half marathon time of 98 minutes, but the boss wanted me to do london. he had been pushing me to do it for 2 years, and i finally agreed in 96? i think, the nutrasweet.i got in on some other guys entry, who had broke his leg.

i trained hard, but the furthest i had run, by january, was 19 miles. georgre said i would be fine, only another 7 miles, and the cheering crowd would aid me to the finish. i was shitting it.

three weeks before london, i got hit hard on the astro turf, i had been warned not to play any footy leading up to the race, but i loved it. the injury was bad, my left knee. george advised total rest, and then see how i feel in 10 days. so when i did a 5 miler, 10 days on, i thought i had got away with it. he told me, the amount of training i had done for the past few years, would see me through.

we caught the train down on the friday, and checked into our hotel. we got our selves ready, and out on the town. not to many, but a good night, followed by a morning run, 3 mile max.the saturday night, we attended a pasta party, which adds stamina

sunday, back pack ready, we headed to the start. the back pack went on a lorry, and was taken to the finish area.the conditions were perfect,lite rain, not to warm. i took on lots of water, and cruised through the first 10 mile. i stopped for a piss at 3/6 and 12 mile. the last stop at 12 miles, i realised something was wrong. i looked down, to see the left knee swelling.i soldiered on, but at 15 mile, i stopped at a st johns. i was hoping for some magic spray, but the nurse told me straight, sorry love, your race is that it? is it my choice? can you stop me? the st johns guy said no, but strongly advised against continuing.

being a smart ass, know it all, i did. i jogged and limped to 19.5 miles, then the knee gave was pretty fucked by now, and i felt at an all time low. i had my rovers top on, and the crowd had been havin some top banter with me,cheering me on.........i was gutted.

i manage to get the tube to the finish, where i had to rejoin the runners for the last half mile, so i could collect my kit. i think the crowd, the occasion and the last of my adrenalin, made me jog through the finish, at a respectable 3 hours 41 mins.

as i went through, 2 of the volunteers came rushing towards me, a sexy milf, and 20 something geek. she kissed me on the cheek, and said well done, then clapped me?he put the medal around my neck, hold on, i told her right away, sorry doll, i got injured, i only did 19.5. she looked me in the eye and said, look, keep the medal, no one will ever know........with a tear in my eye, i took it off, and said, i'll fuckin know.

what would you have done?

Wednesday, 8 December 2010


come on, shaktar donesk and bayern munich, make me some money

Tuesday, 7 December 2010

the season so far

as i said on the forum, the ashes are in the bag.
spurs are a good e/w for the prem at 50/1
my qpr bet at 11/1 looks happy days
once lampard comes back, chelsea will be a new team, and should win the prem
cant believe liverpool have not changed their manager...YET?


i really fancy

barca/utd tonight

Wednesday, 1 December 2010

fight part 2

part 2

the place
millstone pub, darwen.darwen is like burnleys little brother,your mums your dad, your dads your mum, and its ok to fuck your sister.population, around 30,000, and not a nice place to live
the time
sunday afternoon,summer 2004, 4.30/5pm ish

i had been out with one of my best mates, ricepud. a hardened drinker,womaniser and royal marine.had no idea of his fighting ability, just presumed he was hard. anyway,we were walking through the pub, when he turned to this guy, who was minding his own business, and said, you look like a fuckin monkey, this guy then head butted rice and drew blood. i then staemed in with a right, then a left, then found myself on my back. i quickly got to my feet, round two...i dropped my left shoulder, and connected with a right, then another right with a left to the body, in between.then found myself on my back again.

at this point,the bouncers grabbed the guy as i got to my feet. he was bleeding, i got him with the right. rice was just stood there laughing, and bleeding. come on he said, lets get out of here. he grabbed my arm, and said, we'll use the other door. fuck that, i wanna finish the cunt. he took me through the other door, and explained, he sparked you twice you daft cunt, lets get out.

i watched as the guy walked away, holding his nose, we decided on the opposite direction.what did you say that for rice? he looked at me and said, well? he did look like a monkey

in a small town, news travels fast. in the next pub, i met herman and scott, two really hard mother fuckkers. they asked if it was me who just broke walshies nose? guess so, why? who is he i asked? they then went on to explain, he is a hard cunt, and coming from them, it made my cheeks clench. i asked them to have a word, and apologize on my behalf, which worked, thank fuck.

the truth was, i was that pissed, i didn't feel a thing, until the day after, he had only hit me twice, and knocked me down both times, quality guy imo.

cant really class this as a loss, maybe a draw? but ain't ever gonna look for a rematch, this guy walshy, was the real deal

Snow.. The only time 4 inches can make a girl excited.


Monday, 29 November 2010


went to my local last night with a good mate,(paul dudge) chewed the fat, had a few beers. he recalled the time he got his leg broke outside, and said, guess the year? i took a stab at 2000, it was 99. it was also my finest hour, well one of them.

i had gone to pick the wife up, who had been out with pauls misses.on arrival, i was told there had been trouble, i had noticed several guys waiting around outside, but never gave it any thought.

inside was paul, 9/10 streetfighter,lee9/10 and about a dozen of our friends with a mean average of 5/10 streetfighting abilities. then there's me, above 9, not quite the time i had sunk two pints, there were 10 to guys outside, and it was time to make our move. i had gone out alone, to access the situation with the landlord, when i went back into the pub, i asked for the jukebox to be switched off, and told everyone to listen.

there was no doubt, it was gonna kick off, i explained, the girls must stay inside at all costs, i told the guys, we all go out together, no one runs, and we will be fine. at that point, dudges taxi arrived, a seen as he was bladder ed, i thought it was ok for him and his wife to leave.thats when it all kicked off. they attacked from both sides, as soon as we went outside, they punched everyone, the women got targeted(the ones i told to stay inside)dudge was punched to the ground, in the centre of the road, lee fought a good fight, but i was sober, and on fire. i took three out in the first 20 seconds, then jumped on 2 lads that had hold of my wife and dianne, the 2 drunk and gobby wifes.

i did not wait for the second wave, i ran right at them, roundhouse after roundhouse, the fight seemed to last for ages, but in reality, no more than 2 minutes. paul was screaming in the centre of the road, i booted one lad in the head, and elbowed another, and like a scene from saving private ryan, dragged my wounded mate to the side of the road, all the time taking hits, on his behalf.

the police turned up, as per usual, when the fight was over, wankers. the ambulance took dudge, we all knew it was bad, but hey? lee fought well, as did my wife and dianne, the dozen or so 5/10 ers, all ran out the back of the pub, over the toilet wall. i shall never forgive them,if only they had helped out, dudge would never have had that triple fracture, and six months off work.

a few broken knuckles,black eyes and a sore rib is all i suffered, the cowards will suffer forever


How creepy do you want it?

The famously eerie tale of nine dead Russian hikers, with all the bizarre details you can handle

By Mark Morford, SF Gate Columnist

I admit only to this: I can get deeply creeped out, down to my very core, now and then and hopefully not all that often because, well, I still like to sleep at night.
Personally, I try to keep the creep to a minimum, not really wishing to dive down into that low, dark vibration much and hence I avoid most horror movies like the plague and I find slasher flicks and "torture porn" revolting and ridiculous and while monster flicks can occasionally be fun and thrilling, they're mostly just a cheap roller-coaster rides supplying no real nourishment of any kind. I know, that's not really the point. But still.
Ah, but the occult. The paranormal. The deeply weird, mysterious, unsolvable, disturbing. That can get to me. That has power. A good, deep creep-out, those unknowable things that get under your skin and crawl around and tug at the shirtsleeves of your fears, well, those are the things can last for years. Lifetimes. I love that. I hate that.
The final shot in "The Blair Witch Project." An oozingly possessed Linda Blair crawling down the stairs on all fours, upside down, backwards, in a full backbend, on her toes and fingertips, in the uncut version of "The Exorcist." The ending to (and overall creepy feel of) "Don't Look Now," the famous cult horror movie from the '70s with Donald Sutherland and Julie Christie and the creepy little midget in the red robe. Peter Weir's "Picnic at Hanging Rock," another classic '70s occult flick, chaste schoolgirls disappearing up a bizarrely haunted mountain — entirely fictional, but plays all too damn real.
But still, they're just movies. Fiction, mostly. No matter how good they are, they all kneel before the one true god of interminable creepiness: reality.
Here's one. It's called the
Dyatlov_pass_accident . Oh my God, yes. I stumbled over this delicious tale just recently over at Metafilter and it's one of those stories that contains all the best elements of a deep, resonant creep-out. Inexplicable behavior. Bizarre factoids. Inconclusive evidence. Missing body parts. And not a single clue, almost 50 years later, as to what really happened.
The nutshell: In 1959, nine experienced Russian cross-country skiers — seven men and two women, led by a man named Igor Dyatlov — headed to the Ural Mountains, to a slope called Kholat Syakhl (Mansi language for "Mountain of the Dead," ahem) for a rugged, wintry trek. On their way up, they are apparently hit by inclement weather and veer off course and decide to set up camp and wait it out. All is calm. All is fine and good. They even take pictures of camp, the scenery, each other. The weather is not so bad. They go to sleep.
Then, something happens. In the middle of the night all nine suddenly leap out of their tents as fast as possible, ripping them open from the inside (not even enough time to untie the doors) and race out into the sub-zero temps, without coats or boots or skis, most in their underwear, some even barefoot or with a single sock or boot. It is 30 degrees below zero, Celsius. A few make it as far as a kilometer and a half down the slope. All nine, as you might expect, quickly die.
And so it begins.

Why did they rush out, unable to even grab a coat or blanket? What came at them? The three-month investigation revealed that five of the trekkers died from simple hypothermia, with no apparent trauma at all, no signs of attack, struggle, no outward injuries of any kind. However, two of the other four apparently suffered massive internal traumas to the chest, like you would if you were hit by a car. One's skull was crushed. All four of these were found far from the other five. But still, no signs of external injuries.
Not good enough? How about this: One of the women was missing her tongue. Oh, it gets better. And weirder.

Tests of the few scraps of clothing revealed very high levels of radiation. Evidence found at the campsite indicates the trekkers might've been blinded. Eyewitnesses around the area report seeing "bright flying spheres" in the sky during the same months. And oh yes, relatives at the funeral swear the skin of their dead loved ones was tanned, tinted dark orange or brown. And their hair had all turned completely gray.
Wait, what?
The final, official explanation as to what caused such bizarre behavior from otherwise well-trained, experienced mountaineers? An "unknown compelling force." Indeed.
Here's the problem: All the convenient, logical explanations — avalanche, animal attack, secret military nuke test — fail. Russian authorities held a three-month investigation. Rescuers, experts picked through every piece of evidence. There were no signs of natural disaster. And if it was just an avalanche, why was the area closed off for three years following the event, and all related documents put in a secret Russian archive until 1990? If it was some sort of weird nuclear megablast (which I suppose may tint you orange, but won't turn your hair gray), what the hell happened to her tongue?
I love stories like this. I hate stories like this.

Sure, you want to go for the logical. Hell, who knows what hellish weaponry they were testing in the mountains in Khrushchev's Russia in the late '50s? Who knows what dark mysteries are buried in the landscape by the world's militaries as they test their dark deeds? The rule goes like this: Any weapon of horror and death man's mind can conceive, odds are gruesomely good the government or military has considered it. Or even built it.
Then again, maybe not. The "horrifying military experiments" theory, spawn of a thousand movies and conspiracy theories, has one fatal flaw: proof. What, 75 years of high-tech military advances and hundreds of billions of dollars spent and a million people working in various sinister branches of the military, and yet not one scrap of truly bizarre or outrageous military weaponry has popped up in the public sphere, been leaked or revealed or unearthed? This is the Internet/YouTube/nothing's-secret age — you'd think we'd get at least one piece of irrefutable evidence proving how the Pentagon has been testing 10-story remote-controlled radioactive spiders with lasers for eyes. Or something. Not that I trust the government, per se. They just aren't that smart.
This is both the joy and horror of stories like Dyatlov — they make your mind jump and bend and struggle. Logic fails quickly. Easy explanations don't work. Complicated ones feel incomplete. The creepiness takes hold, begins to burrow, make you squirm.
So of course, you jump further. You reach for the paranormal, metaphysical, unknowable, to things like UFOs and spirits and ghosts, dark forces and mysticism and the occult, because, well, that's where the action is. That's where we get to touch the void, dance on the edge of perception, realize how little we truly know of anything.
After all, if you really think all there is to this world is what your five senses show you, if you think there's always got to be a logical, earthbound explanation for stories like Dyatlov, well, you might as well just join a megachurch and wipe your brain and your intuition and your deep, dark curiosity clean right now. As Dyatlov himself might say, his skin orange and hair gray and eyes wide wide wide, you think you know, but you have no idea.

Thursday, 25 November 2010


spurs are 67/1 on oddschecker, and if i were the odds compiler, i would think about these points.

trouble in the camp,wilkins departure has upset certain people, i get the feeling of disharmony.drog miss fires,injury to lampard/terry/essien. if they lose 2/3 more games, they are in trouble.
fergie is an amazing manager, but utd have, over the years had a solid back four,and this season, through injury,and failier to buy, they are weak. the rest of the team hardly reak of superstars, fletcher/carrick/hernandez/park. then there is the primadonna that is rooney,and the over the hills,gigs,scholes.
hodgson is a plonker, they will be lucky to make the top 10
wengers refusal to buy a superstar, is becoming tedious. its all well and good doing it his way, but he aint frank sinatra. i also worry about the training regime at the emerites, and why there are so many injuries.i arsen had just bought a????? kaka or a tevez and given the younger players something to aspire to, but no. great finding players like chamak/vermalen and nurturing the youth, wiltshire etc. but that wont win titles imo
harry is one of the best in the world for me,what he achieved at west ham, on no money for all those years, was a miracle.if i had the chance, i would tell him, get out of all the cup comps now, and go for it. how many spurs players would get into the above teams?well? a fit woodgate/king maybe, modric would be ideal for arsenal, defoe can bang um in, as can pav/keane and crouch. then the cream, vdv/bale would both walk into any of them.if harry bought a couple of decent guys in jan, it could happen
i am a rovers fan, but have always admired spurs, its just an idea, ready for your attacks

Wednesday, 24 November 2010

its all about control

called into town today, only to find another branch of santander appear. we now have 3 in blackburn. the bird on the counter explained(with a glint in her eye) yes, we want one on every corner,just like starbucks, hehehehehehehe. what a thick cunt.she said, they had took over alliance and leisester and bradford and binkley, good aint it?

no it is not.............

monopoly after monopoly, its so sad.banks,petrol,supermarkets to name a few, they are slowly becoming one. this takes away our freedom,please dont lol

Monday, 22 November 2010

traffic warden

at 12.04 pm a traffic warden took a photo of my car. i know from experience, he will be back at 1.04pm. i also know, it takes approximately 2.5 minutes to make a ticket out. i need to time this to perfection,if i leave the flat at 1.05pm exactly, i will be able to see the look on his face, when i drive away, and he has a half done fine!i love this game, have been caught out once though,i was longer in the toilet than expected, it cost me. 12-1 to me, which aint bad. should i still be doing this?

marriage vows

iminent divorce, has made me reflect on my wedding vows. did i say them just to keep her happy? did i mean them at the time, did she? i think not. you know the one i mean, for richer,for better and in health. i know people tweek vows, wish i had. marriage and vows should be for life, these days, thats not true. sad really in a way, but another example of how the dominant species are asserting their power.

Tuesday, 2 November 2010

my bets

my bets for tonight
bury/chesterfield/valencia/werder brem/brighton
£4 four folds/£4 acc=£24 pays £180
£15 win on each.


bury-brighton-mk dons treble
hereford-chesterfield-bury-southampton yankee

Saturday, 30 October 2010


everton/portsmouth ...double

Wednesday, 20 October 2010

time for change

times they are a changin

why the fec do i pay a tv licence? the only thing i watch on the beeb is newsnight.
why do we(s a country) still donate 9 billion pa, to foreign aid?
why is petrol 120p per litre?
when are we gonna revolt?
who the *bleep* decides how much we pay for fuel?
the arabs?
the station owners?
the government?
the Illuminati?
beats the *bleep* out of me, just cant see why the price varies so much. please do not try to explain. asking why fuel rises is clearly a rhetorical question.
we are supposed to live in a democracy,its more of a police state. i can see riots ahead, i can also see curfews,heavy handed police,looting,need i sat more.

who are they, to tell us what/when to eat,how much we pay for fuel,heating,food,clothes etc.they tax us on everything. the average man earns 20k pa,yet 15k goes on visible taxes,the rest on stealth tax. some people dont realise just how much of their hard earned goes right back to the government. they want the rich to get richer, and keep the rest in their place.

petrol is 75% tax
alcohol up to 40%
cigarettes 90%
income tax 30%
savings 9%
the Olympics?
road tax
tv licence
foreign aid 9 billion?
immigration, estimates suggest 50 billion pa
health tourism ?
parking/speeding fines
vat 20%
these are just off the top of my head. they sit there, passing judgement on what we are allowed to spend, but it never effects them.
its time for change. the fact i am stating my views, makes me a target, sad really, so be careful what you say on here, they have ways of making people disappear...remember david kelly, and his alleged suicide

cameron and his cronies, are the same as the rest

Wednesday, 13 October 2010


been asked to sponsor several guys to play the northern lights poker fesival. also been asked if i would like to be paid into any events by fellow players, who clearly think i have got what it takes.........

yes i have, and i don't

Friday, 8 October 2010


a warm welcome to east side

Tuesday, 28 September 2010


get on USA to win the ryder cup, 15/8


Imagine if these people had married:
Whitney Houston & Gene Pitney Whoopi Goldberg & Peter CushingKylie Minogue & Pete Wylie
And finally...
Beyonce & Roy Castle

Monday, 27 September 2010

whats it all coming to

whats it all coming to
by bigusdikus » Mon Sep 27, 2010 5:36 pm

must have been playing this game for 6 years now? when i first found it, it got me excited. i thought i had finally found a game with a level playing field,where we all were equals from the start. i thought it was game without cheats, and a game of honour.

at the time, blackpool card room was run by yogi bear, and nothing got past him, but now he's gone and the things i have seen in such a short time, well, they make me there no honour anymore?

i have been abused,threatened,cheated,co hursted,banned,taken advantage of and i aint no pussy,i can give it too.there are certain card rooms i would not be seen dead in. it never surprises me to here of colusion,chip passing,chip stealing etc, what does surprise me, we all seem to brush it under the carpet. it does not surprise me that numbers are dwindling, some of these card rooms are so intimidating, i even steer clear, never mind newbies. there are thousands out there, but because of the gangster element in the game, they get their kicks from home games.

ban the scum, we know who they are. if i wanna fight, i know where to go, but when i want to play poker....DTD is the best.dont get me started on online
i often doubt my own sincerity
Royal Flush

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Wednesday, 15 September 2010


its time wenger put his hand in his pocket. his philosophy seems to be, i did it my way. well, i have news for you arsen, you need a little help. his point blank refusal to buy a few stars has been his downfall, in the last five years, the gunners have found they are in a position to challenge the prems elite 2 or 3 times, but injuries to key players meant they fell short. its all well and good if you could buy cheap and succeed, but why not use the resources available.

get out there, buy ozil,tevez,messi,kaka etc, break the bank, and win some trophy's. the model he is using has failed, its time for a change

watching the gooners these days is so predictable, yes they play like brazil------- with no end product. they are parenial second basers. the supporters need more. if only wenger went out and bought an aging striker, or a peter cech? if only?????? he frustrates me by not spending. i think he will look back on his career and say, if only?
then he may start singing frank sinatra'a "my way"
he has built a team of choir boys, all great players, all skillful but also delicate and highly injury prone. true they have the odd tough guy.......................................................trying to think of one now? every team needs a keane,viera,diouf,barton,fergason? you know what i mean,when the going gets tough, these men put their foot on the ball, then headbutt some poor cu nt. but its what is needed
omg, stuart pearce is coming up for the corner or that type of player. it used to get teams unnerved. i am a closet fan of all footy, but he needs to have a rethink. man utd could have their worst season for years, an un- thinkable 4th

1st chelsea
2nd arsenal
3rd man city
4th man utd
5th spurs
6th toffees
7th villa
8th fulham
9th pool
10th brum
11th rovers
12th sunderland
13th toon
14th bolton
15th blackpool
16th stoke
17th west ham
18th wigan
19th wolves
20th west brom

this is how it will finish according to the gospel of bd

Tuesday, 7 September 2010

power corrupts

who is more corrupt?
the cricketers who took 100's of thousands £££££££££££ bungs to cheat?
the news of the world for setting them up?

reap what you saw

after watching last weeks interview with andrew marr, it made me realise, what goes around comes around,Kama? tony blair, after 10 years at the top, once again failed to answer most of the questions posed. but its clear, he is now a prisoner, he can go no where alone, from now, till the day he dies. he lied and cheated the public and his colleagues, and will pay for it for the rest of his days. true, he will eat the best food, holiday in the finest hotels, drive the best cars, however, he and his family will need 24/7 supervision, its the price he has to pay.

Monday, 30 August 2010

scum bags

cheating Pakistani team, in my opinion should serve a custodial, they are total scum. they should never be allowed on a cricket field ever again, there is no question the are scum bag cheats.

the brain dead blackpool manager says, i am glad my team lost after exiting the carling cup, try explaining that to all the people who had money on the premiership team to win in 90 minutes.of coures the same can be said for other managers, wolves decided to through the game at old trafford last year

formula 1 is a farce these days, team orders my ass

rugby has its problems, fake blood, wtf is going on there

i could go on, snooker, darts, horse racing, what chance has the punter got? we study form for hours and hours, then the form is turned on its head by low life atheletes. we pay their wages, LETS STOP ... i for one have had enough, i will not be rushing to watch the england team under perform ever again. we only get one life, some of us choose fiction, and some non fiction, its like watching the wrestling in the 80's, complete farce, and we knew it

Friday, 13 August 2010

a question of honour

the talk on another thread is of degenerate gamblers, the ones who have cleaned out their mates, for what some perceive to be large sums of money. i have talked on this subject before, imho, a man is man, and should have the ability to hold his head high wherever he may go. the guys in question, even though i hardly know them, have lost that right.

the poker community is very small,especially when it comes to rumours,bad beats,punches in the eye. anything you do or say, will be reported, that night or the next day. my advice, neither a lender, nor a borrower be(some1 famous once said that?) i have once, maybe twice, i dunno,have been paid in, and it changes my game, i have also played beyond my means, which also changes my ability to make the right call. i play my A game when in my comfort zone..........
happy at home
money in the bank
well dressed
in good health etc.

its a mans game, maybe i could have been a stu unger, however, i am not prepared to stoop to his depths. their are players on the circuit i respect and some i do not,i find the latter easy pickings

Thursday, 12 August 2010


its a funny old game, life that is.knowing a friends perfect marriage is not as perfect as it seems, after finding out his faithful wife, aint as faithful as we all thought. to reveal such information would end the marriage,to remain silent, would be a betrayal...........dilema

Thursday, 22 July 2010


i have had it handed to me on a plate,on occasion, maybe, i have had to try a little.but what is the word for it? the moment you know, 100% you are gettin some.

it can't be love every time, so whats the word? you meet, and at first the chances of sex are so remote, you switch off, and then for some reason......there's that spark,omg omg, no one else in the room notices, you know its gonna happen, and so does she. electricity, not? nuclear fission? we have words like, conception,death,paralysis,orgasm all describe to perfection exactly what the adjective means

i'll go for perferection

Wednesday, 21 July 2010

world cup review

on the whole, D 4 dissapointing.

very few memorable games

crowds drowned out by the vavzalus

bad england display

average stadia

boring,the worst i have seen


hate to say i told you so(lol) but i did predict 12 months ago, that the lockerbie bomber would live on. the terminal cancer seems not that terminal.

Tuesday, 13 July 2010


took my beautiful granddaughter to rascals play area in preston today. whilst waiting for an assistant to start the go karts, i witnessed an assault, i am guessing they were aged between 2 and 3, but thats not taking away the vicious nature of the incident. they had him face down, and kicked and stamped on him, at first i thought they must be brothers, and were just playing, however, the reaction of the child's mother said otherwise. i was just about to step in before she realised what was going on.

the manager was called, and the mother was clearly in some distress. reminds me of some book i read, pygmalion? what makes them do this?

Tuesday, 6 July 2010

injustice in footy

football in the 21 century, why can't we get one off side decision right?
i think we should have 4 linesmen, running paralell, two refs, one for each half to keep up with play. with the millions in the game, they can afford to get things right

the open next week

my outsiders

martin kaymer

justin rose

Monday, 5 July 2010

armed forces

i have in the past sent parcels to friends and relatives on tour,wherever they may be.on occasion,i send a random package out to afghan when i find the name of a regiment thats out there. the news of the death of another squaddie usually gives me the motivation.novelty food/razors/pornography/cordial/magazines,if female holiday pics in a bikini any of these cheer the boys up.

its very easy, and as good as free,pack it up well pick a country and send away. my advice would be avoid asian post offices when sending to hellmand or iraq
the MOD can supply addresses, but usually camp bastian,hellmand province,afghanistan,followed by the name of the regiment, these are named all the time on the news. i sometimes put my name and address in the parcel,and the boys do take the time to reply.

give them a thought


should women be paid the same as men?

i think not, 3 sets to 5 sets is the standard argument,plus the mens game has it all

Sunday, 4 July 2010

its all about control

i find it amazing, some subjects are taboo,certain things must be kept quiet,hush hush, thats just the way it is, and the way it always has been.

wimbledon mens final ticket allocation
12,000 go to bbc staff
1800 corperate
240 vip
960 general public

why is it this way, why can jo public not get access to this event

talk is cheap

its time i wrote, i have a lot to say

Saturday, 19 June 2010


its so easy for the gutter press to jump all over the team and manager.if i were sat watching and listening to the vile vitriol? coming from the lard ass media, my motivation levels would dissapear. post mortem should be carried out after death. true, we were not at our best. imo, we played to defensive, barry holding and heskey holding,its the italian way. this system has produced results for years but for sure, he will now attack slovinia.i would love to see 3 strikers and outright attack, but the team have not gelled. make no mistake, capello is a great manager,we will qualify,just wish they could be left to get on with it.what good comes from the guter press lies and slander.they did deserve to be booed, the fans payed for that privilage. they are big lads and can take it.

has everyone forgot how we qualified,also algeria played like brasil


Friday, 11 June 2010

she did the splits

went to a party last week,had the chance to get off with a gymnast.........what was i thinking

Wednesday, 26 May 2010

funny game

-7 months
my wife and i(well just her) decided to end living as a married couple,and to cement this new regime, i was made to sleep in the spare room........

-3 months
remarks like, "why not take the hint" and fuck off? "stop sponging off me" think i used a teabag, and far worst, some hot water!

-3 weeks
i moved into my brothers flat

its like fort Apache the Bronx around this area, the police have bodyguards. it ain't what i have become accustomed to.i fear for my car,its only a matter of time before they work out i am not an undercover cop, and then, the car will get it.i spent two days cleansing the flat when i moved in, my brother is such a slob, it would take a year to get it anywhere near.ungrateful bastard i may be, but their you go.

as for the x, it seems we are now X's, i treat her like a princess for 30 years, then one day, the money ran good luck to her. as for me, it seems business has picked up, its only a matter of time till i order my next new car, maybe an Aston martin? you never know. my inventions have attracted world wide interest, my poker skills will come back,arbs,footy is not the limit

it was shite on the way down, but now i am on the way up, and have found the perfect partner to share the rest of my life, every time i look in the mirror. being married(failed) has left a bitter taste,however, living alone has its rewards(kicked my brother out)i get to watch what i want,eat what and when i choose, come and go at my leisure,maybe look up some lucky lady, although, i ain't inundated with offers(i hear cheryl cole is single?)

it really is a funny old game

Tuesday, 18 May 2010


its been a while, but i'll be back later on tonight

Tuesday, 4 May 2010

the cockbeck

just like to say thank you to two very good hosts, enjoyed every minute at your beautiful country pubs.
town green ormskirk, top food top service, idyllic setting


if i had to vote, it would be tory. labour are so afraid of the bully brown, they shudda got rid of him to have any chance.looked at cleggs manifesto, and gotta say, legalised brothels and cannabis get my vote,but the rest of his policies are dog shit.

the fact is, all three of these leaders are so far out of touch with the real world, none of them have a scooby doo.instaed of a six week sabatical in the summer(at the tax payers expense) they should all be made to live in the community.if they choose to dedicate their lives to the people, then try living with the people

horses 1a

following on from the HORSES post..........lets see how these do today
210 imperial walzer
300 stunning in purple
230 iwans a star
600 first class favour

all 2 year olds with form

Friday, 30 April 2010

the vote

after watching the three debates, highly undemocratic ones at that, i can conclude......brown is a weasel of a man,who only cares about being in power.the other two etonians, have not got a clue what its like to be a working man. as for the others, i warned on my blog, vote for an extremist party,ie: the far right, or the far left, and we are all the referendum party still around?screaming lord dutch? they are as far as i am concerned, lying, cheating, power crazed murdering,bastards and a million superlatives i can't spell. guy falks was my hero, he had the right idea with a big clear out. they make me sick

Saturday, 24 April 2010

quote of the day

.punctuality is a sign of respect.......

Tuesday, 20 April 2010


this is the perfect time of the year to follow 2 year olds. horse racing is a crock, but 2 year olds represent pure form to me. at the start of the season, all they do, is burst out of the stalls and run as fast as they can, and they do the same thing every time they race, well for the first few months of the year anyhow.

i watch for the ones that finish in the top 2/3 and they usually repete their form. keep an eye on them,i will tip a few


back working, running my own business again, and its hard graft, but highly rewarding.less time will be spent posting on here. the site has had 3.5k hits,and i have a million more stories.e.g. tenerife,fight club,the hooker,poker etc. not sure if any of you like the book? so if you want me to continue, either email me at or become a

Friday, 16 April 2010

the book

from age 16 to 20, i went boxing. never had any fights but trained and spared. i supported my brother mainly. he did have fights 16 and won 15. i had learnt karate before the boxing. so at the age of 24 when i was asked to work the doors, it seemed i had the right credentials. i found myself settled round the local boozers, i mainly worked with my brother, who had filled out nicely, his gym work had made him huge. we had some scary moments, but usually survived.

i went to a former dormans funeral recently, not because he was a mate, but because, i had more than carnal knowledge of his wife, i was glad he was dead. it was known by everyone, except big mark, i had got jiggy with his wife. what they did not know, was i was besotted.
the first time i met mark was in the toilets in tiffs, the pub i was working, i had followed him in, i was bustin for a pee, it was packed out and he stood down the left waiting i was on the right, a urinal came empty next to me so i saw my chance and i took it, he was a big cunt, and maybe i shudda waited but i was busting, as the loos emptied, there was just me and him. he pinned me up and threatened to bite my nose off, i could tell he was mad, i had a sixth sense about these things. i found my self apologizing. as we made our way out, i found my younger brother, explained what had happened, he told me we needed to keep out if his way, i let it go.saved up my payback for another day.
i found myself woking the doors with this bully three months later, it was a mutual dislike(i think, he thought, i knew my place)--- as is traditional after the shifts finished, all the door men meet their bits of stuff after work at the jazz club, the wifes, girlfriends and new to the fold all drank into the early hours. big mark had a problem, 5 pints and he was waisted, for a big lad he could not hold his beer, thats when i started getting close to michelle, they all suspected but no one dare say a word. i was picked up one night by mark to go on a out of town job, 200 yards down the rd he stopped the car got out, walked round to my side, the first words he said were , whilst holding the door for me, get out,oooooops, michelle said you came round to our house yesterday, ,whilst i was at work..... at this stage i thought i was dead, he knew i'd been bangin her, she was lying in a pool of blood on the kitchen floor.... she told me you were nasty with her? what?? listen mark, i was only droppin your wages off, no you listen, you ever talk down to my wife again i'll kill you. she had played a blinder, wow.

we arrived at the soul club, out in the sticks, having not said a word to each other, i kinda liked it that way. as soon as i got in, i made an excuse and told mark i had to phone my mum, so off i went to the payphone. i of course rang michelle to find out what was going on. she told me one of the nosey neighbours had seen me leave, so she made up some bullshit and that she knew i'd be ok, glad she had faith! mark is a stickler for not drinkin on duty, so when to break the ice, i asked if he fancies one. imagine my surprise when he agrees, bare in mine hes drivin. he had 3 and then stops, but not b4 he explained he though michelle was fuckin about, she had gone off sex etc etc etc. why is he tellin me. i did of course assure him, no one in there right mine would as much as look at your bird, fuck me mark, when we all go back to the jazz later, your wife will be sat alone, as per, believe me no one dare. lee your right maybe i should lighten up, defo mate defo.would i lie to you pal

by this time the club was packed, there must have been 300 + it was a bi annual event, but i was wondering why we were there and not some local crew. apparently, they were on strike, they wanted a pay rise and make no mistake they would be paying a visit
it was now 11 bells and the young bloke who was collecting the entrance money and cloak room cash was tilling up, fuck me mate, bit of a result for you, well not me the club get all the money, how much you made then, around £800. after i left school, i went on to do A' maths but it did not take a mathematician to work out this guy had been skimming, mark was stood across the other side of the room, i beckoned him over, how many you count in ? mark had a clicker, 326. come with me, as we got back to the foyer, the guy had packed up and was just on his way out, with the takings. oy, come here, what me, come hither with a curly finger. this is my associate mark, shake his hand, which they did, now tell mark how much the clubs made tonight. with a quiver in his voice, he maintained £800, i smiled at mark, he smiled back, mark never was the brightest. well ??? take him in the back. mark had that puzzled look on his face,the lights were on, but no one was home, ffs. at that moment the doors opened, and it was clear the local mafia were paying us a visit, the first thing they said was, are you gonna make us pay?

i never like to miss an opportunity, listen guys, we been drafted in, i had no idea it was a pay dispute till we got told tonight.any way, who's head man here,no one stepped forward, but three of them stepped back, i'd found my man. his name was jake, jake, we have just caught this guy skiming, and mark was gonna have a word with him, if you know what i mean, yes sure, mark still had that dumb fuck look on his face? i ushered the guy into a back room, with jake. i took the cash box off the guy, handed it to jakeand explained £700 of it was comin our way, he keeps his gob shut, everyones happy. i took £300 and gave jake the rest. we sent the guy on his way.happy days,result. i told jake they could take over from here, me and mark headed back to the jazz, mark was more than happy with his cut(£100) the underpaid bouncers were happy, and we were on our way for a well deserved beer. i told mark not to mention this to anyone, i felt i had got him were i wanted
as we walked into the jazz, i made a beline for michelle, i put my arm around her waist and shouted over to mark, can i give your misses one, i mean get her one,LOL the room fell silent, michelle pushed me away, then mark said, dont be such a frigid bitch, he is bein friendly, he roared, get the beers in. no one knew what had gone on that night but me and mark, the conversation we had earlier seem to have allayed his fears, any way a couple more pints he'd be asleep in a corner

the book

i got invited down to a mates snooker club one sunday night, david rajhes, i had been a couple of times before. i had built the poker tables for him. dj called me, dj? yes, he was a man of many names, he was a Pakistani, but likes to be called david, or dj, any how, he said as per usual, lee, i got some lads comin down, and theres a spare seat,(poker) count me in. it was one of the few places i could play poker and have a beer, i usually got a lift there and a taxi home. the game was a £50 freeze out, which meant 20 players, there was a £1000 up for grabs, not to be sniffed at. djs club is frequented predominantly by asians, with i guess only 10% whites, this often put some of my mates off playing there, i knew the owner, so it did not bother me.

upon arrival, i was greeted by dj with the usual handshake, hi lee you havin a drink, dj, i'll have what you're havin(dj liked a beer) is phil and his wife playing? no they aint comin. what about mick,lee and jeff? no i asked but they were busy. so who's here then? well i'm not sure if you know any of them, you'll be soon as he said i'll be ok, the alarm bell started ringin.
we got our drinks and walked through to the back room, i went in first, fuck me, 25 guys, all eyes and teeth. dj said we made the draw, you are in seat 5 table 1, dj gave me a general invitation to the room, which seemed to fall on deaf ears, he then started to tell me the names of individual players at my table. after two names i stopped him, dj pal its pointless you lot all look the fuckin same to me.that seemed to get the bastards attention. come on guys its only a joke, no sense of humour theses pakkis. dj was a good mate, i'd known him 20 odd year, and i'm sure he had my back.

i looked at this game as easy money, i envisaged me and dj splitting the spoils, he was ko ing people on table 2 i was ko ing them on t1. the plan was (without ever mentioning a plan) meet in the middle. after cracking the racist joke early doors, i felt relaxed, i had to tell some of the brothers on my table(on several occasions) english only can be spoken at the table. this bothered a couple of the boys, but i never thought anything of it. i knocked one lad out, as he was leaving the table he started spurting what i guess was pakki for you sob white bastard etc, i sarcastically said, look lad if your gonna abuse me, i've told you english only. seat 2 churped in, if we wanna speak our language, then why not? i instantly realised who he was,
it was a guy i had sprayed some internal doors for, he lived in a very nice house, in one of the poshest areas in town. when i picked the doors up i knew this guy was into the dark side, he drove a new bm, and had blokes running all over for him, well done that lad. 20 internal doors , yes pal £900 thats £45 a door, you know i am the best, i knew i was never gonna get £45 a door, but this is how these things worked with them, they love to haggle, oh come on man, you did my cousins for £30, yes but your cousin picked up and delivered, plus they were smaller. after 2/3 minutes the price was set at £35, not bad for a days work(£700 sheets) of course i told him three days min. i called him on the thursday, to tell him they were done, cheers lee your a star, just drop them off, my uncles there, tidy, is he gonna pay me? no man, i'll sort it tomoz, im in liverpool i'll be back tomoz, yeah no worries, i'll drop them off tomoz them. woh, no man, you said today, yes i know, but i'll need payin first. it was at this point relations broke down, this guy was not used to hearing the word no, he entered into a tirade, threatening to kill me, and the old, DO YOU KNOW WHO I AM... i am ... i finished his sentance b4 him, which got up his nose, at which point i told him to fuck off, he aint gettin his doors, then hung up.

he immediately rang back, i just clicked him to answer. i knew this would get on his tits, but thats my nature. the thing is for the past seven or so years, not once has a Pakistani, said i'll pay you later. its all c.o.d. i didnt give a flying fuck who he was, i am the man. anyway decided to call one of my asian mates, just to get a bit of info on him. did not like what came back, yes he was into big time heroin, and he was used to guys doin as he said. i had ignored several of his calls, so in light of the new information, decided to ring him, the first thing i said was, have you calmed down yet? yes, now get my doors delivered, NOW, your fuckin money is there, if i get chance im comin over, cause im gonna check every one to make sure you did a good job. he was grasping at straws. i said, ok its like this, i'll drop the doors off at 4, you pay me, everyone's happy, end of. he agreed are we gonna have any trouble. no not as long as you give me my doors back.

it was lunch time, i had 4 hours to decide what to do. i needed the money, but knew it was not over. i thought, should i go alone, tooled up? do i call the feds, explain i could be a dead man at 4bells. decided to go it alone. ye, i can do a bit, but drivin up thta lane, i cheeks tensed a bit. upon arrival, there were two cars on the drive and three older men out side. i parked the van and went over to them, were is he, he will be here soon, please lee, he has a lot in his plate, he gets angry sometimes, we all know you do a good job. two younger blokes came out of the house(mid 20s)on there mobies whilst the older guys were singin his praises, a range rover screeched up and blocked the van in, he got out, mumbled to the uncles, ignored me and went in the house, come on lee, lets unload the doors,FUCK THIS, you lot can do as he says, but not me, as i approached the front door he came out. well? are you gonna get them in or what? well are you gonna get the fuck off your high horse? i was immediately surrounded , well semi surrounded by seven asian males, look, ive come on my own thats how i work, if you want some fun, its just me and you, after a theatrical pause he smiles, as if to say you goy some balls,look, i have your money here, just get them in, and i'll pay you. me and his uncles got them in,he inspected everyone(thank fuck he missed the runs) he then produced the cash, and started counting it out, i stopped him mid count, listen .. i know how much there is there so do you, we dont need to count. on that he handed it over, no hand shake though. thats the thing about the indians and the pakis, they pay cold hard cash, no qualms
he through his keys at one of his lakkis, and i was allowed to leave, never done work for an asian since

as i said, he was sat in seat 2, and now i recognised him, he was staring right at me. seat seven chirped in, why english only? come on why? because for one, you're in fuckin england, and those are the rules of poker. dj turned and told everyone to calm down. i called over, david, i thought this was gonna be a friendly game, wtf?, dj stood up and gave the room a ticking off, he told none players to leave, he explained the rules where english only, and if you dont like that, you know where the door is

i had known dj for over 20 myears, well respected part of the community,when he was not drinkin, gambling, chasin womens, he found time to go to the mosque, my type of guy. he had his finger in a few pies in the area, you allways felt safe in his company, trustworthy. this was his club, his rules, and i was honoured to be there, for the first time i did not feel safe
players came and went, we were down to 5, the gangstar, had been bullying the table, he pushed players off pots, because they were afraid of the repercusions. an interesting hand, the gangsta, raised my big blind for the 29th time, and i looked down at 4/2 off suit, ok, this time i have a real hand(lol)come on lets do it, of course 4/2 is one of the worst hands in poker, but you never know.its me and him h/u and the flop comes A J 5rainbow, i check, he bets big, i decide to look for a 3. it comes a deuce, i think fec it,if he pushes im all in, i wanna get out of here any way .... sure enough, hes all in, i insta call, thinkin im behind he turns over Q 7, the last card comes an A and i leave him with very few chips. he had steam comin out of his ears by now, and i knew it would not be long b4 it all kicked off, i humiliated him in front of all his boys, the very next hand, he pushed all his chips in, i found AJ called and finished him off, that was it ww3 he threw the poker table and jumped on me(i was still sat down) didnot mind him to much, it was his mates comin over kickin me in the head that pissed me off, dj managed to pull him off, the barman came in to help. look guys leave now or i get the police. i had a tooth missing and the rest of my face was a mess, but i was still alive. gangsta was being restrained by his lakkis, but agreed to leave, 6/7 of them pushed past me to get out, gangsta went for me one more time, i saw a flash, i wonder what had happened, all i could see was lots of blood. then i wake up. i had passed out due to the lost of blood, i thought i had been stabbed but he had only slashed mt chest, the flash i saw was the silver blade, 37 stiches later, and i was back home. i had a score to settle, but it could wait, i wanted to do to him what he did to me, never got the chance 6 months later, his house burnt down, with his wife and kid losing there life along with him, it had been the third time in 2 years he had had to move house, because of the businness he was in, only a handful of people knew its location, the police suspected arsen, he had a list of men, all in line to do this, the police soon ran into dead ends, the case continues

Thursday, 15 April 2010

my car

techno violet is the official colour,0-60 in 8.1,top speed of 151mph,£32k was the price. i loved that car more than the some brain dead drongo has just wrote the fuckin thing off. my daughter was unharmed(she had borrowed it) things will never be the same again.i'm sure anyone who saw the car would agree, it was the most beautiful BMW on the road. gutted does not describe my emotions,devastated,heartbroken,angry,on uber tilt

Wednesday, 14 April 2010


every man is equal, until they prove otherwise

Tuesday, 13 April 2010

a woman scorned

had an interesting conversation today, looking into how womens minds work, i ain't claiming to be an expert btw. it started with a friend say how his ex with had the police on him, for nothing, how devious she was........

i told him how i listened to the wife and her friends on many an occasion, after a drink, usually when i had returned from poker, early in the AM. one would say, yes! he was itching all day, and he had no idea why lol. the other would say, he spent 2 hours looking for his shoe lol, then the other would chirp in, yeah i dropped his chop on the floor, but he never found out lol. they were talking about their respective partners, and how they have their bits of fun, putting itching powder in his shirt because he had come home late? hidden golf shoes? and accidentally on purpose dropping their food on the kitchen floor.

to see them in full flow, it was like a witches coven, men have no chance. freud said, there are no accidents, i think he was on to something. i suppose its how they get by, small victories.hell hath no fury.

its all about control, and women have it?

taist of things to come

several months back, i was driving up to the hospital with my daughter and granddaughter. its a long left hand road, with three right turns, and one left turn.i got behind a black audi A3, which imo was driving a little erratically. i said to my daughter, this ass hole is drunk. the car swerved left, then right, and slammed on hard, causing me to break. i thought get on the horn, but decided i was gonna get out the car and confront the idiot. as i pulled along side, with the intention of blocking him off, i looked into the car to see what i am guessing was a young muslim bird, in full head dress(could have been a guy for all i know)realising this could be an international incident, i drove off and decided to report it to the police.

i was straight on the blower, i ranted down the line to the officer on the desk, who told me to calm down, and then arranged an interview. upon arrival at the station, i was ushered through the front desk by a WPC, and asked to take a seat. by this time i had calmed down, but still thought that action should be taken. only a minute into the interview and i could see i was flogging a dead horse. the overweight, unattractive WPc, had already made up her mind, i was a racist. can you give a description?do you have the reg? was there any other witnesses? she made me feel dirty. i told her what i thought of her attitude, then said there would be no complaint and i wish to end the interview. i will see myself out, i knew the way.

its so easy to be labeled,you just cannot speak your mind these days. this is a taist of things to come


drove through darwen today, behind an artic lorry, who clearly had no idea where he was, or where he was going. i tried to get past, he tried to crush me and my little girl. i of course gave him the full wrath of my tongue as i jumped out of the car. as i approached the cab, it was clear he was an eastern block numpty. no fight today, but close...........

these drivers come over here with no road tax,insurance,licienes and without passing a test, their wagons are not road worthy. statistics show, they murder up to 3000 women children(some men to) each year, then blame it on the blind spot, because their cabs are left hand drive. the fact they are butchering innocents seems to have gone unnoticed by our government.

impound their cabs if not road worthy,imprison them for murder, make them road tests, stop the killing

before the Pc brigade get on my case, i know they are only trying to make a living, but at what cost?

Friday, 9 April 2010


rick posted on Fb, a 37 year old woman has been refused life saving drugs for her cancer, he compared it to the 2m it cost the nhs to send a woman back to india last year to have her baby in her own country. the nhs is should begin at home


any french polishing work undertaken, i need some work you guys. chairs,tables, doors, furniture, windows you name it..........

Thursday, 8 April 2010


just watched big bucks win @ 1/ why did the thieving bookies return it @30/100.i thought they had brought a law in to stop punters being the not to distant future, i plan on taking the bookies to the cleaners, without feeling guilty.

i was reminded of the way they operate recently. several years ago i used a very good tipster(hate to call him that) called isirus, upon entry into any of the betting shops i used, the girls would run for the phones and warn their bosses i had arrived, and was wanting x amount on such an horse. they would say to me, sorry neil, you can have a maximum of £150 and only at sp. spineless,low life, and running for cover. i used to love taking their money, but they did use every trick in the book, legal or not.

from 2001 to 2004 me and a friend cleaned them out, we made around £50k each, life was good. then isirus was sent to prison and the party ended.the largest bet i had, was £750 on an 8/13 shot, pipe and ran 2nd :cry:

the plan is, study study study. by the time the new football season arrives, i will be ready

Wednesday, 7 April 2010


do i fancy dtd this weekend

Monday, 5 April 2010


control your own desiny

cosalt plc

these shares have dropped dramatically in the last 2 months,its time to buy. i have been following them for six months

Sunday, 4 April 2010

i knew,she knew, i knew,she knew i knew

never underestimate the power of flattery.i saw a girl i had not seen in years at blackpool on friday night,on one of my excursions from the tables(i like a stroll around) i spotted her leaving the bar. the brief encounter began.

how you doin, (nicked a line off joey)i get the first smile, she likes corny.i'm fine neil, how bout you? all the better for bumping into you. my god! you are getting younger,stop it, no, you this point, the killer punch had to be delivered. how old? come on really, have you hit the big three zero yet?the giggle, the uncontrollable giggle(i'm in)not far off neil, thats all i'll say. she was with her husband/boyfriend, not sure, so i slipped her my number, and thats that.

the thing is, hear in lies the dilemma. she invited me and the wife to her 30th at darwen golf club, 4/5 years ago. i did not attend. but she knew, i knew her age, yet she was happy for us to exchange bullshit. maybe she thought i had forgot, and treat it as a grey area. just find it amusing how powerful a compliment is.on this occasion, she did look mint,i will be seeing her soon.

Saturday, 3 April 2010


had a conference several months back, with my girls. i told them, the media hype surrounding sunbeds and cancer risk cannot be ignored. have they listened? no.


strongly fancy
man city
and inverness has been tipped


i do not think tonights fight is as one sided as the pundits are making out. Ruiz has been up against some top top men, and not disgraced. the hayemaker seems over confident to me. he has promised a KO, which i think is a bold statement.he is english, so my hope is he will take it down, but this is not a betting match for me

Tuesday, 30 March 2010

this week

i am seriously considering playing poker this week,where, i dunno, but my guess would be blackpool. thursday or friday, maybe the new sunday £75 comp, but i'm itching for a game

Monday, 29 March 2010

fight club

went out for the first time in ages on thursday, and can't believe i ended up chinning some guy in a pub. i went out with a friend of mine Patrick. he is in fact, a very good friend, who has a habit of getting me work. so ended up sinking several large ones and getting in a pub fight?

good idea for a post, fight club. i will expand on that later

Sunday, 28 March 2010

the 3 ages of awareness

my daughter and her little girl, have been living with me for several months now. Mia is 2 years old, and is the apple of my eye. i spend a lot of time with her, and enjoy taking her with me where ever i may go. at her age, she could not care less, if she eats chocolate or yogurt, she sleeps when she is tired,she drinks when thirsty, she does not have a care in the world.

sometime between now and age 5/6 all this will change. she will decide she does not like ???? carrots, or maybe cheese. she will choose not to brush her teeth.she will begin to take control of her own destiny,day by day she will have less need to be looked after, until she eventually breaks free, hopefully that will be in her mid twenties. until then, i will look after her, and all my grandchildren, in a way i never managed to do with my own kids. i seem to have more time for them these days.

the next age of awareness hit me aged around 37+, now i know for some people this may seem late on in life to become aware of your own mortality, but i was busy, enjoying life.the fact is, i sat there, or stood, and it suddenly dawned on me,40 years from now, i will probably be sort of changes your outlook, espesially if like me, you do not believe in the afterlife.

decided some time ago, i could not save the world, even though i would like to, so it was time to do the wish list.............
get fancy car
pull page 3 bird
earn a million(almost)
do Vegas
ski the ultimate black run
live happily ever after
eat at the best restaurants
royal ascot
look after mum
do extreme good deed
9/10 aint to bad

now its time to do another list, becoming an septra generic will be top of the list, anything into octogenerics and i'm free rolling.

thats two, and i'm not sure what the third age will be,but i'm sure its in the post


looking at the new schedual,blackpool G casino seems the place to be right now.maxine doing a great job

Saturday, 27 March 2010


nice double for today

Wednesday, 24 March 2010

quote of the day

does compensation ever compensate?

once bitten

many moons ago, i was after nailing this bird. she was mint, and not at all a tart(not that their is owt wrong with tarts) and caught every mans eye. the fact i was on a break from the wife at the time, along with my insatiable appetite for female company(this hole gets deeper) meant i had to make my move, which i did, only to be rejected (but in a nice way). she ended up marrying one of my best friends, which made me very happy tbh. i get on with them both like a house on fire

she maintains, i never stood a chance, and to be fair, they guy she married, is a true diamond, so i'm glad i did not stand a chance. it seems she only ever had eyes for him,however,the final nail in the coffin, had come long before i had made my move, or even before my mate had, in the form of an horny old shit stirring bastard called george. he apparently told her, i was no good, i was only after one thing(he was right there)i was a chancer, you will never know if you're comin or goin, steer clear of that rutter. i have no idea if this swayed her decision, and never will,tbh, i think she was pre destined.the fact that my pal george, was going around slandering me, did however, come a as a surprise.

george in his day, was a womaniser and took no shit, i thought we were mates. he was 20 years my senior, yet we still went out. i allowed him into my circle.........
waddamistakatomaka. this was many moons ago, i don't let my guard down these days, my circle of friends can be counted on one hand

Monday, 22 March 2010

mr mitchell

welcome paddy, you are the 3000th visitor, i am guessing. the site meter is at the bottom of the page. of course you win the booby prize

Sunday, 21 March 2010

premier league

looking at the run in, arsenal are the premier champs. not phil brown has gone, i dont want hull to go down, but it looks clear, dingles and hull are down with pompey

champions league

watched barcalona the other night, they were fantastic, the team ooooozes class. messi looked unstoppable, they are by right the favs to win the CL.inter milan have a few top names in the squad to, i thought schnider was quality. but its not all about the players, it takes a great manager, and jose is the man. his tactics verses chelsea, were spot on, i think at 4/1 they are well worth a punt. they will brush CSk aside, then the world is his lobster


if the low life traitor gary nevile, ever steps foot in liverpool, it will be fisticuffs. he would be skinned alive, and i think he deserves to be. he clearly suffers from a mental illness, and should be put out of his misery. he continually attempts to insight a riot

Friday, 19 March 2010


cheryl cole, hmmmmm

average looks,
can't sing,
can't hold a good man down.

Thursday, 18 March 2010

quote of the day

trust your instincts


fancy a bet.

are a nice double

Wednesday, 17 March 2010

quote of the day

punctuality is a sign of respect

Tuesday, 16 March 2010


only if you are desparate for a wager...

stirling albion
£1 win on each
also think chelsea will power through

Saturday, 13 March 2010

its all about control

shop a terrorist, its a racist birthday. what a fucking idiot idea. it will cause more ill feelings between white and black communities. its another way big brother can get into your home.
what a crazy world we live in

Thursday, 11 March 2010

its all about control

As little as 10 years ago, diesel and unleaded petrol were the same price – 63.3p per litre. Thanks to a combination of inflation, exorbitant tax and rising world oil prices, we can only dream of the days when fuel was that cheap, but it raises an important question – why is diesel more expensive than petrol today? Also, in the majority of European countries diesel is cheaper than petrol, so why do UK motorists have to pay more?
why are prices rising, why do we take it? The mega rich oil barons, can never spend what they make in one day, so why put the prices up. can you imagine, how much more money you would have in your pocket today, if we went back to 1988's price-37p per litre? it would save me £35+ a week... £150 a month...£2000 a year.

if the government let the commoners have to much money to spend, what will happen?it is a conspiracy

fooball review

just seen that sniveling toerag garry neville giving an interview, just wanna punch him. i dislike him for the following....does he not know the words of the national anthem? this dog turd never sang when he played for his country. his unhealthy hatred for scousers. watch him change his tune when he retires.

real madrid
what has happened? the unthinkable. they spent £200m and are also rans in the CL

i know they weren't playing barca, but they did put in a good performance, and arsens faith in bentner seems justified. premiership, CL ? double? or also rans once again

the massiah
i honestly believe, jose morinhio will return to england in the summer. he has several options.
chelsea, unlikely, abromovich will surely go for continuity, he can't lose face, or can he?
man utd, mutual respect from both sides, sir alex gives me the impression he has a soft spot for jose, natural replacement. may be in a couple more years
arsenal, seem to love arsen, and visa-versa, he will leave feet first
liverpool???? are my guess, made to measure for jose, a sleeping giant, who would be given immortality if he takes the job

Tuesday, 9 March 2010

alpine advert

what quality advertising it is, makes me lick my lips

uk manufacturing

about six years back, i was offered a set of callaway golf clubs,with driver,putter,bag,woods and other bits and bobs. they looked like brand new, and i was told they were. at my local golf club, this full set would cost just short of £1500 and i had been offered them for £90. in fact, if i wanted another 20 sets, i could have them slightly cheaper???????????????????????????????????????????????

they had been imported from china,and to the best of my knowledge were superb replicas. rumour had it, the Chinese had bought some callaway tooling, and could make the stuff better??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

all i know is, it was the beginning of the end. i have seen.................. doors,cars,cd's,clothes,ironing boards,toilets you name it, all being shipped over, at a fraction of the cost we can make them for. unless you have been to the moon, you will have noticed businesses going under in the uk. we simply cannot compete.if you are employed in the public sector, arms, or the service industry, your jobs are safe.but if your company is manufacturing...start retraining now, because things can go only one way.

i know from my own experience, work is scarce, i am thinking of moving away. the companies i was dealt with are importing for less than they can make the stuff for, and why not. so anyone with a good job, let me know???????????????/

boxing hall of fame

1 george forman
2 ali
3 smokin joe
4 duran
5 tyson
6 joe lewis
7 paquio
8 lennox lewis
9 sugar ray
10 .......................

sporting greats

1 1990 world cup semi final
20 years have gone, but remember it like it was yesterday, what could have been?so near yet so far. i recall watching the game alone, then running out after the game to hide my GTI, i had a feeling german cars were gonna get a hammering.

2 senna's death
1994 i think? i sat there open mouthed, i saw his head tilt to the right and i knew it was over. the crash did not look as bad as some, but it took imo the greatest F1 talent from us all

3 sea the stars.
his arc win was the pinicle, will this horse ever be bettered

4 bolt
this is the only Olympic event i have any interest in, he has not peaked yet. could we see a sub 9.5 in our lifetime. yes but not by bolt, its asking to much. he is the dogs bollox imo

5 federa
what a pleasure to witness the greatest of all time,the ghost of bjorg is gone.any slip ups by nadal, and he could win 20 slams

6 clough
winning 1 european cup was unthinkable, winning his second in 1980 put him in the history books, and proved he was one of the greatest managers of all time.idiosyncratic, does not descride him one bit

7 the ashes 81
wilis brierly and botham,wow! if carlsberg made test matches

8 dessie(desert orchid)
how would this wonder horse have fared against arkle? for me, he would have won his fair share

9 ali
the rumble, and the thrilla. two of the greatest fights in history. entertainment at its best

10 rovers
the 91 play off final. nuff said

gratuitous ttt

top ten totty. in this order. if you aint made the list, you're out

1 audrey hepburn
numero uno by a country mile,bit skinny, but as close to perfection as you can get.
2 beyonce
jz, you lucky lucky boy. she ooozes sexuality, even without makeup
3 deborah harry
in her day, she would blow you away
4 monroe
say no more
5 anna kornikova
always wanted a tennis guru, she fits the bill
6 cameron diaz
hear shes a bit spotty? just love the way she moves
7 angelina
she can chew me up, and spit me out as often as she like's..move over brad
8 fergie
she can meet me half way, or all the way
9 kate moss
simply because she is nutz
10 rachell
the top totty off countdown

Monday, 8 March 2010

top 10 tv

1 only fools
if i am alive in 500 years time, they will still be showing repeats of this classic' a true genius, del-boy

2 friends?
why i don't know, but i promised never to watch this daft show, i am now hooked

3 the goodlife
70s suburbia at its best

4 scrubs
never bores me, it has it all, emotion wise

5 this life
blew my mine, unequalled in its day, but it had its day. non classic, but copied

6 star trek the next generation
roddenberry's attempt to guide the human race, to a better place

7 the simpsons
if you don't see the irony, you need irony glasses

8 porridge.
norman stanley fletcher............

9 yes minister.
could this be any closer to the truth

10 top gear.
gezza is da man

top 10 films

in no specific order.....
1 goodfellas.
the classic,timeless mob film. this film has the lot. based on a true story, its the ultimate.
2 casablanca.
love,war,romance,tretory,music? classic film
3 big.
just one i watched over and over. not into fantasy flicks usually, but this will stand the test of time
4 matrix trilogy
some take this to serious, i enjoy it for what it was, and still is
5 preditor 2.
the first film aint bad, but this blows it away
6 kill bil(both)
uma thurman gives me a hard on, the violence is superb
7 pulp fiction.
had to give this film some thought, it took some working out, but i like that. just wish i knew what was in the suitcase? answers on a postcard
8 cool hand luke.
this guy reminds me of someone(lol) i could repeat every line, probably. timeless
9 trainspotting.
danny boyle at his best, got the hots for the school girl. its a life i have seen, from outside the goldfish bowl
10 eyes wide shut.
had to put a nicole kidman film in, she's sweet as


1. booby robson
2 sir alf
3 sven goran
4 el tel
5 g hoddle

imho, robson was without equal, he qualified us for the 1990 world cup, and took us to the final, well almost..soooo unlucky. he took us to the quarters in 86 also. as the other england managers have found out, qualification alone aint that easy. i will never forget 1990.

sir alf won it, however, he did not have to qualify as we were on home soil, he did squat in 1970 and failed to get to the 1974 finals, nuff said.

sven, did it his way. you may not like it his way(unless you're ulrika)but it was effective, two quarters and i don't remember him losing many games. he did make a mockery of the sub system

el tel, semi's in the euro's, our best ever finish

hoddle, great footy brain, just wish he had kept his religious views to himself

the worst.
1 graham taylor. why he dropped linaker, only he will ever know, but it cost him his job, and the nation even more, but the jocks love him

joint first.mucklarren
what a dipstick,who did he fall out with? in fact he gets first place out right

non retro

just for you miss amvhr, because you are toooooo lazy to search for this post

x+y= the dominant species
met this gorgeous young lady once, after a couple of sherbets, she revealed, by the time i'm 23, i want to meet mr right, by the age of 25 i want to be married, 26 my first baby, all the time this is happening, she wanted to complete her law degree.a fascinating in-site, into the mind of a woman. this was not an isolated incident, i have delved into womens minds on many an occasion, and can conclude, they are the master race. i have hit the big 4 zero, and the world is my oyster, may have listened more, but thats the way i am. i don't know where i'll be tomorrow, never mind 10 years down the line, i get the idea, they pick a place they realistically want their life to go, them nothing will stop them from getting to that place. its like a mathematical formula, x+y-2z =the place i need to be. do not get in their way, they are prepared to go to extra-ordinary lengths to achieve their goals.

of course men think they are in control, having lived with four women,(still remember the sycronised periods) i beg to differ. they do say, behind every great man(whoever they are)there is always a greater woman. i do believe men are better at certain jobs,soldiers,bouncers,long distance lorry drivers,brick layers... the list goes on. what gets up my nose, are the stupid little feminine bitches, who get it in their heads, they can compete, if i want to be a (for example) fireman, then i'll show them. how does a demur, 5'6 slip of a lass, expect to carry a 16 stone bloke down a ladder, it ain't happening. they become the token female, in this crazy world of equality. its time they took stock, women have come a long way in the 100 years, its time they learnt their place, you are the master race, you have reached the top, now leave the men to pretend we are in charge, and don't upset the equilibrium any more.

pension plot

never been able to work out why people would invest in a pension. these are a lose lose gamble imho.unless you work for a company like Bae or the civil service, were pensions are a nice earner, i would rather save my money else where.who can predict at what age you will die? also, when you hit retirement age, they then drip feed you your hard earned. to me its madness

crime and punishment

to me its simple, did you do it? yes or no.innocent until guilty.lengthy legal battles could be a thing of the's a hypothetical situation.

the police are called to the scene of an accident, they find a car crashed into a lamp post, with the driver slumped at the wheel and a body of a young party goer 20ft away. its 130am and the driver awakes to a crowd of onlookers in the busy town centre. the police fearing he may be concussed ring for an ambulance. the man, coming out of his state of induced sleep, explaines he is fine.what normally happens now is, the police ask if he has been drinking, realising the gravity of the situation he says no, they ask him to give a specimen, which he refuses, he is then arrested and taken into custody.

upon arrival at the station, he is interviewed. he explains he was going about his business as normal, and heading out for a takeaway, when a drunk man, for no reason ran into the middle of the road. its not my fault, i did not see him, he explains. at this point, he again is asked to produce a sample, to verify his alcohol levels, he refuses on the grounds he is still in shock.
he is later released, and appears in court three months later, he is given a three month suspended sentence, and ordered to pay costs. he is also given points on his license and banned for refusal to give a specimen. even though the police said in court, there was a hint of alcohol on his breath, the judge could not be 100% sure, because the police did not get the appropriate evidence

here's what i would do.when the man is in the interview room. 1 ask if he feels well enough to be interviewed, are you of sound mind? 2 ask if he knows what has happened 3 ask if he has had to much to drink. 4 explain to him, if he tells lies, and is found guilty, his sentence will be trebled. come clean now and you will be fast tracked. at this point, he either cooperates or does not. if the police strongly suspect he is drunk, they must force a sample out of him. the thing is, if he is sober, and telling the truth, they must then compensate him. the man is at least given a choice to come clean, if he continues to bluff, he must be dealt with in a draconian way.

this would send a message out to all, espesially celebrities who get off on technicalities, oj simson springs to mind. risk and reward


another soldier dies in afghan. he did it doing what he had been trained for.19 years old, blown up by an improvised explosive device. the Taliban look at this a David and Goliath, the might of the west versus the the meek. the filthy underhanded tactics are all they have. if it came to head to head, full on fight, 20,00 men V 20,000 men..... the US and UK forces would win hands down. it will never come to is however becoming more and more like Vietnam every unwinable war. the government continue to sacrifice our brave troops(fucking heroes) yet they sit in their ivory towers and play gods. the occasional visit to the so called front line reminds me of when i put my head in a lions mouth as a boy,great photo op, but the the lion had been dead 20 years.

if you are gonna sacrifice our troops, be prepared to do it your self. hypocrites.the true horrors of war, i have never seen, i have had them explained to me by a good friend...the fear,the expectation,the exhilaration,the calm,the camaraderie,the joy of getting home in fact every human emotion was used.

bring home our boys, lets invade Germany or Russia, they fight fair.leave the afghans to their own ways, what business is it of ours.
my brother serves, so do some very close friends,enough said

james bulger (rip)

what makes two young boys brutally murder another child? the facts are, they abducted james,they went on to murder him,they got caught,facts end....... and to my mind they clearly intended on torture if not murder.they are more than bad eggs.if i were to guess, one led the other. it seems we have the dominant partner in many murders, ian huntley,ian brady, and to hazard a guess, jon venables.

the man, is a mongrel, he has zero benefit to our society, he has a detrimental effect on it. he should be put out of his misery. the crime was committed by two boys, and his partner cannot go scott free. what message are we as a nation sending to would be paedophiles and rapists? go out and do what you like, and we will give you infamy,a nice clean place to live, cater to your every wimn, plus in time, theres a chance you may be released to do it again. bring back public hanging


with arteta and jagielka back, everton are a complete side, only missing saha and yakubu, well a yakubu who can hit the target LOL.always been a fan of david moyes, and think he can finish 5th or 6th with this side more like 6th if he's lucky
still waiting for them to collapse, but it aint happening. i cannot see them winning the league,2nd 3rd
rafa promised 4th spot, and its a promise i believe he will keep
i would not be surprised if they won the prem and the champions league,but arsen is such a one trap pony. he believes he is always right, and the world is against him. he needs a chill pill
FA cup yes,premiership maybe, champions league neah
are gonners, along with pompey and defo burnley
will all hope to hit 4th spot, but will find it is already taken

are defo heading back where they belong,like the manager
are looking good, but whats happened to leeds? are they goona blow it again? NO, they will come back
uber confident manager, and why not

Sunday, 7 March 2010

death pen

ian huntley,ian brady,peter sutcliff to name a few. there must be a thousand of these lost causes locked away in our prisons. rapists, murderers, child molesters.what benefit are they to out society?it costs the tax payer £100,000pa to keep an eye on just one of these scum bags. i will personally volunteer to put a bullet through their brains. the only benefit i can see, is some macabre voyeurism, but whom does that benefit


poker has changed, or i have? my first four years in the poker world were fruitful. i was a winning player, both live and online.circumstances change, and so does your game. a couple of years back, i could put £20 into my will hill account at 12pm on saturday, and by 6pm could have it up to £200, enough to pay for a night on the town.i would walk into a casino, and be harrassed by a dozen players asking for advice or hand analisis.those days are gone, but will soon return


saw the andrew marr show on tv this morning, can't choose between him and paxman, as to who is the best at making the polititians squirm.anyone can see, the majority are cheats and liers, and have their own best interests at heart. i can't understand how the expenses scandel has been convienently brushed under the carpet, along with so many other offenses

Friday, 5 March 2010

pro gambler

Discipline: If you have to make a bet for the sake of making a bet you are in trouble.
Focus: If you are distracted with other activities, people, family or problems you will not be able to give gambling the attention it requires.
No Superstitions: I personally do not know anyone who is superstitious and successful at the same time.
Record Keeping: Show me someone who does not keep records and I will show you a loser.
Ego: I've seen this be the downfall of what otherwise may have been a good professional gambler. Until you have won 10 million or more gambling, check the ego at the door. If you have reached this level of success than why the need for the ego.
Emotions: This one is key. You must not let the highs and lows affect you. If you cannot do this than you need to find another profession. Examples of the bullshit I've heard ten thousand times. The ref made a bad call. The stupid jockey judged the pace wrong. Some dumb ass took MY card. Why did or didn't they go for the 2 point conversion. If you are or want to be a professional gambler this is going to happen everyday, SO FORGET ABOUT IT. If you can't handle it you have almost zero chance of success.
Pull the Trigger: When you have the advantage you must be able to make the appropriate bet. If you look at money in terms of what it could buy you, you're in the wrong business.
Bankroll: First you need to have one. What you can borrow on your visa card does not count.
Bankroll or Money Management: There are some good books on this subject. If you do not know what I mean by money management you need to buy such book. Hint: You cannot play 50-100 stud on a $10,000 bankroll. You cannot bet $5000/game on a $50,000 bankroll. You cannot play a $5 video poker machine on a $100,000 bankroll. If you try this you are not a professional gambler you are just a gambler who will go broke sooner rather than later.
Maths: This will win you more money than any other single factor. If you don't know the math than you better learn it or at least know someone who will do the math for you. If you don't like math than find another occupation.
Adversity: As in any endeavor there comes adversity. Be emotionally ready to handle it because it is a sure thing. You will be barred from casinos, cheated and stiffed during your career, that I can promise you.
Be true to yourself: Resist the temptation to do things that are detrimental to your well-being and your bankroll. Going on tilt, drug use, and binges will have a negative affect on your ability to perform. Even a bad diet will have a negative affect. Whatever form of gambling one embraces it always gets down to who's brain is functioning the best, who has the bankroll, who knows the math.
Reputation: To me this is everything. Without a good reputation you will never be a professional gambler in my eyes. You may win money, but doing it without honesty and integrity you're just a bum to me. If you win by cheating, scamming or stiffing people you're not a professional, you're a cheat, scam artist or stiff. A good reputation will become your greatest ally in the war to win. Once you establish a good reputation opportunities are everywhere. Other professionals welcome the chance to work with you, help you, and partner up with you. Having a good reputation does not mean keeping your word 9 out of 10 times, it means 100% of the time keeping your word. I know a professional poker player in Las Vegas who did not do the right thing 25 years ago and to this day nobody will have anything to do with him. Once you sell your reputation you can never buy it back.
To be a professional it takes a rare mix of qualities not found in most people. As one well known professional poker player likes to say "Its a hard way to make an easy living". To be a professional at anything it takes a unique person and gambling is no exception


once again, my daughter has been charge for going £9 OD at the bank, it will cost her an extra £30 in charges. the reason is simple, a faceless corperation taking funds without permission, or a direct debit as they call it. i have told her a thousand times to refuse to set up DDs, i explained standing orders are for a set amount, on the same day every month. DDs come out when they choose, and for apparently any amount they decide.
my advice, refuse direct debits. use the standing order

the press

i read the news today oh lord(beatles quote) and once again they are lambasting the views on the far right are..a bit to extreme for my liking. the thing is, why they never lambast the far left. imo, they are just as dangerous as the the far right. if it was up to the left wing loonies, this country would be on its knees. who is wrong and right, i dunno, but the press clearly believe right wing politics are wrong. they are supposed to be impartial. they influence the weak minded, they are the lowest of the low.

Thursday, 4 March 2010


i have had an idea for a film, how the hell i go about it i have no idea.writeing a book? screenplay?
its about a case of mistaken identity, following a man through what he thinks is an average day, then he turns on the 10pm news to find he is on the most wanted list, because of a serise of coincidences and big brother going mad. any ideas


someone intimated i had been banned from awop, as far as i know, i am still allowed to post? but not 100%


if fit, nadal will win the french, if not del potro is my fancy.
if fit, nadal will win wimbledon, federa will take advantage otherwise.
the other two slams are insignificant for now


will he? won't he? tbh i don't give a damn. tiger woods is a bit like jon terry, thinks he can do as he chooses, walk all over everyone and get away with it, as jt found out, the england fans did not welcome him back with open arms. this years masters may be a better place without him, one bookie goes 4/1 for him to win it. if he does have the balls to turn up, will he make the cut? i doubt will survive without his ego
martin kaymer is an outstanding player and @ 66/1 is worth an e/w bet


the premiership looks to be going to the wire.chelsea,utd,arsenal all have a great chance. i thought utd would have dropped away by now, but fergie has been there seen it, and done it.chelsea for me still win it. if arsenal had not lost van persie(long turm) and arshavin?? i think it could have been theirs.
newcastle look nailed on to return to where they belong.
leeds,ffs, are you gonna fec it up again, norwich look good
spotland stadium are getting ready for the celebrations, i saw the manager on the late show on monday, laid back, not cocky, but uuuuber confident... why the hell not.
in the spl, any one of a dozen teams could still finish in the coveted runner up ... i mean third place lol lol. the league is a joke
i see in spain, real madrid are giving barca a run for their money, it will go down to the wire.
inter milan will win serieA at a canter
bayern munich are going to be the surprise winners of the budesliga LOL
can the champions league final be an all spanish affair? could the unspeakable happen, no english team in the final?
rafa benitez, seems to be taking the europa league serious, hamberge sv may have a chance

formula 1

since the untimely death of imo, the greatest ever driver, ayerton senna de silva, my interest in F1 dissapated.this season for the first time, i'm getting a tingle in my pants.schuey,lewis,ferando,jenson,sabastian and even felippi all think they are in with a shout...and so do tactics and ego's will decide this years champion, none of the drivers know their place.
for some strange reason, i would like to see the cheat micheal schumaker win, the sport would go into orbit, and to be fair on the cheating german bastard, he was a good driver.
the english boys imho, won their respective titles with the fastest cars, out of the two, lewis is the more determined. i expect him to win the battle
these two are absolute quality, and the new F1 champ is expected to come from one of these boys.
sabastian vettle.
keep an eye on this boy, he rustled some feathers last year, and i think he will do the same again.exciting prospect

the world cup

i hate to be realistic when it comes to england, but here goes.
the positives...
rooney, on fire and one player every defense fears
capello, one of the best managers in the world

the negatives.....................
team spirit? what team spirit, terry fucked it up
a growing injury list
weak up front, rooney cant do it all
weak at the back, due to glass back ferdy, cole wont be fit, no left back

so to be realistic,i would be so happy with a semi, but feel a quarter final place awaits.the winners will be spain, second best team will be brasil, and the dark horses will be holland. argentina have the worst manager in their history, expect them to lose all three of the group games

Wednesday, 3 March 2010

85 and out

i hate admitting to reading the sun,but anyway, today i 25 made me lol....a hurst with an 85 years dieing wish message on the side, smoking kills, so albert, if you had not have smokeed all your life, you may have lived to be ?????????????
85 is not a bad innings, i'd take it now

big brother

i saw a programme the other night on autism(i think it was autism)here's the point...the guy sat in front of a scene from a live play, computers monitored his eye movement, and also that of another person(non autistic)... the scene was a love triangle, not to difficult to spot for you and i, but the autistic guy did not get it. the cameras followed his eye movement, and it became clear, his attention was not focused on the easy to spot(for us) information in front of him.

it amazed me how the cameras, directed by the software, pinpointed every bit of eye movement, and then made the decision that he was autistic. they followed his every move. of course these cameras were being directed by human beings too,however, it was the software that prompted the final conclusion.

we have more cctv set ups in the uk, than any other country, imagine what else this technology could be used for, its a bit scary. some of my friends are dismissive, especially when i remind then of 1984. its all about control, the government are obsessed with keeping the common man in line. big brother is alive and well, and he's coming to your home! sooner that you could ever imagine.

to some degree, this tech is already used, it can only get better(for them) and worst for the average man for

Tuesday, 2 March 2010

search engines

what is a search engine? well, i thought it was a programe, designed to help you find a specific topic on the web. now i have had my fears confirmed, its really big brother in disguise. by sending cookies(waddeva they are) they collate information every time you log on to the net. at the moment, this is used to target us for certain ads, but soon, the information they collect will have the power of life and death.
big brither is coming to get you. just be aware,every email,weblog,ebay,google,quote,forum etc that you use, leaves a signiture. this may have little effect on most people today, but big changes are around the corner. 10/20 years from now, the world will change 4eva. i do not think its a good thing, i do know how to put an end to it


bigusdikus, player profile
by bigusdikus » Tue Jul 21, 2009 1:34 pm


i started playing poker in november 04. i felf drawn to the game after watching late night poker on tv.i found a venue in a local pub(the kings) 5/6 players would sit down and play for £10 or £20 each, with a first and second prize. the pub can be best described as full of goodfellas, if you know what i mean. there were fights and plenty of heated debate, and plenty of rule infringements.the games took place a couple of times a week, and at weekends we all went to someones house for a late night results were good and i cleaned up most weeks. because of the lack of clear rules and the occasional violence, i looked further a field.

early in 05 i found out that the G had organised card games, so i decided to have a wander over and test my skills against the best. i think it was a wednesday night the first time. i had not got a clue. the card room manager(yogi bear) told me it was a satellite, so not wishing to look a cok i said, put me in. their were about 40 players that night, and i was sat there with a target on my forehead, not that i knew this, nor did i know wtf a satellite was. to be fair i did get aces a couple of times, managed to make the final as chip king or whatever they called it. as it turned out it was a sat for the main event in may that year. there were some infamous names at the table, not that i knew any of them, but i would get to know and respect most of them in the future. we got down to the last three, at which time i was told i would get a prize. 2 seats were gtd, third got £ the table with me were seat 8 the fox, seat 9 the chaser(i think) i was still chip leader, but looking back now, i never had a hope in *bleep*, these two had me in there sights, and the only prize i cudda hoped for was third. at no stage did they collude, at no stage did they cheat, fec me, i didn't know at the time, but i was that rabbit caught in the headlights. i dont mind saying it was men against the boy. it did not take long for them to pull my pants down, slap my ass, and send me back to blighty. i'll never forget, leaving the casino, i told them only a cheque will do, i thought, this lot are bound to try and mug me when i leave, for such a large sum of money . then the fox quizzing me, were do you play, who taught you, is this your first time. if i remember rightly, i was a little rude and evasive, in my mind i did not want to give any info for future reference. he really did chase me across the casino, in typical teenage AKA bigusdikus AKA neil rutter fashion, i made a flippant remark, suggesting i was the new breed, so watch out, to which he replied, polite but firm, yes but you had fecin aces 11 times, and still could not win(3 actually fox) so i hightaled it out, and for the next three days flashed my cheque under the noses of all i could see. happy days

i was hooked, within a couple of months i was playing at the G 4/5/6 nights a week. getting turned over for the first few weeks, but i believe learning faster than most. the subtle off the cuff remarks that these seasoned pro's made, were memorised, analysis and used in my defense at a later date. it was like being taught how to play snooker by davies/white/higgins/o'sullivan. this gave me a great apprenticeship, and the results came thick and fast, and i qualified for some big events, in my defence, i got very unlucky at critical, if not bubble times, for example: turning to take a sip of coffee and looking back to see the dealer mucking my aces in seat 10, on the bubble iin a big one, running out of gas at DTD in a big one, folding a full house in a big one... it could have been so different. the turn of a card,

my winnings to date still exceed my losses, but i have had some decent wins, online too. the fact is, my business took some serious bad beats a couple of years ago, the likes of which i doubt i will recover, i am only an occasional player now

the things i like about my game are, the total lack of respect for any other player at the table. my philosophy is this, they are only human, there are only 52 cards in most decks. i don't care if i sat down with the worlds top ten, i think i would still have an equal chance. this is a philosophy we should all have. if you sit down and are afraid of your opponents, then you are behind before you start, don't be intimidated. believe you are the man. i also find that over the years, when i'm on form, there ain't a player i can't get a read on. when i am on form, i watch every single move, listen to every sound, i go into my own little world. not that anyone would recognise me drifting off, i still have the banter, i just don't let them know it. human instinct is the greatest poker tool, trust your instincts

the things i don't like about my game, are blowing massive chip leads because i switch off, or get pizzed. i remember once down at walsall, being busted out of the gran prix by a donk, then the same thing happening an hour later in the consolation £100 side event. steam was bursting out of my ears, not that this shown on the out side. i managed to regroup, i went to sit down at a £100 cash game, as i sat ther i pulled out my last £90 and 4 of the mother fu ckin cok wits, sorry, told me in a most pedantic way your not welcome, unless you find another tenner, i smiled and went in search of that tenner. by this time i just wanted to crush these mo fo's, and i ain't the type to borrow money, but the rage took over. i found a good friend and took the ten from him, in fact i took twenty, so i could get a beverage. within one hour i had took every penny off the four SOB'S and was hungry for more suckers, the problem was, my work here was done, i had accomplished what i wanted, got the guys who belittled me, punished them, at which stage my hunger dissipated and turned to thirst, i remember being told by garry chatterton, that i had £1500+ in front of me, that i was pizzed and it was time to cash in. 2 hours later, i remember forgetting where the loo's were located, bouncing off the walls, sitting back down, picking up my lasy fifty sheets, and saying goodnight. its an all to familiar story. on occasion i'll have a 10% saver in some comp with only my very good mates, then at 2 or 3 in the morning, its the same old same old, come on neil stop drinking you can win this, ffs your chip leader dont blow our money another semi failing is, i get my kicks from being number one, the money don't come into it, the measure of my success will be defined by my results, not by how much i have won

the present day, its simple, i don't wanna play unless i can afford it, i refuse to be staked, and as for the small comps, i ain't got the heart for them, once youv'e bagged angelina, you don't go back to hilda ogden. so as soon as i get back to a modicum of what i percieve to be normality......
look out